Our Creed

The most epic food adventure ever: Philly Dine-a-thon.

Goal: Try every restaurant in Philadelphia (or at least close to it).


  1. Perimeter: from W-E, 46th St. to Front St.
  2. Try every restaurant, in order, along main streets (i.e. Spruce/South St., Walnut St., Chestnut St., Market St.).
  3. Exceptions to #2:
    a) cost of entree is greater than $40
    b) standard lunchtime cafes
    c) chain restaurants (ie. Subway, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, McCormick and Schmick’s)
    For 3a) and 3b), these locations will be marked on a map for potential future visits.
  4. For side streets and streets going N-S, restaurants on these streets will be included with relevant main street “chunk”.
  5. To be done at least once a week, schedules permitting.
    On weeks where everyone is available for more than one night, try a restaurant in University City.
  6. Walking to the location (at least one-way) is required.