Rating System

After each person gives the food a rating between 1-5 stars (★-★★★★★) (1 being the lowest, 5 the highest), the number of stars are averaged for an overall food rating.  The number of stars given will be awarded in the most impartial way possible, with minimal comparison to other meals. Customer service, restaurant ambiance, etc. does not factor into the star rating, but will be noted in comments. Price is semi-factored into the star rating.

★ –> Never going back. Would rather die before eating here again.

★★ –> Below average. Would only go if peer-pressured.

★★★ –> Average. Indifferent about the food.

(★★★1/2 –> I like this!)

★★★★ –> Very good! Would definitely go out of my way to come back.

★★★★★ –> Hands-down AMAZING. Would come back every day of the week and eat here for every meal past satiety!