Hails From: California
Diet: Omnivore, all the way!
Ultimate Food Mission: To find desserts that I love so much, I want to replicate them at home
Best part of Philly Dine-a-thon: Exploring all the delicious offerings of Philadelphia! I’m also excited to find places that I’d love to return to again and again.
Likes: Noodles, all kinds of desserts
Dislikes: Bland dishes, anything bitter


Hails From: Memphis, TN
Diet: Primarily alternate among ordering Thai, Chinese, and chicken fingers via (therefore, omnivore)
Ultimate Food Mission: Find a pizza that is better than the Baja Santa Fe pizza at Old Venice in Memphis and find the perfect chicken fingers (+1 if they’re not listed under the kid’s section of a menu)
Best part of Philly Dine-a-thon: Finding hidden gems and eating TONS of sweets 😀
Likes: FRUIT! (especially watermelon, strawberries, sweet Texan oranges, and pineapples), Old Venice’s Baja Santa Fe pizza (in Memphis), various pasta and noodle dishes, pork BBQ Memphis-Style!
Dislikes: Cilantro, onions, carrots, non-shiitake mushrooms, and anything that tastes like dirt


Hails From: California
DietOvo-lacto vegetarian (the kind that eats eggs and milk). Otherwise I couldn’t eat cake Now omnivorous!
Ultimate Food Mission: To seek out vegetarian dishes that appeal to even the most carnivorous
Best part of Philly Dine-a-thon: DESSERT.
Likes: Anything sweet or bitter, tofu, grapefruit
Dislikes: Anything too spicy, salty, or sour.


Hails From: Pittston, PA
Diet: Food
Ultimate Food Mission: Eating food
Best part of Philly Dine-a-thon: Getting to eat food
Likes: Good food
Dislikes: Bad food