Short Tale of Green Eggs Cafe

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss? His stories are quirky and lovable. He speaks of strange creatures and odd worlds. He even describes something I love, unusual foods. When Nicole asked me to join her for brunch at the Green Eggs Cafe, I couldn’t refuse. With a name like that I was prepared for an fantastic menu.
Though the dishes may not have read like a Dr. Seuss concoction, it was clear from the crowd that this was the place for a good meal. Nicole ordered the Red Velvet Pancakes, and I had the Kitchen Sink.

The mattress sized pancakes are a vibrant red and stuffed with chocolate. Sweet strawberry mascarpone lays spread between each layer. On top of the layer of maple syrup, sits a dusting of powdered sugar. Nicole and I agreed the pancakes were delicious and wonderfully prepared. Unfortunately the only time I believe I could truly enjoy this dish is as a dessert late in the evening. Though I have a wicked sweet tooth, this dish was a little overpowering for me to fully enjoy as a breakfast dish.

The name of our second dish, the Kitchen Sink, is deceiving. Despite my sweet tooth, I tend to prefer a more savory dish when I start the day. When I cook for myself, my breakfast is always a “leftover omelet.” Whatever meal I had for dinner is cooked into my breakfast. I have even had mashed potatoes and pasta in my eggs. When I read Kitchen Sink, I wanted it all.
However, what we were served is a mix of eggs, sliced potatoes, onions, peppers, cheese, a biscuit, and sausage gravy. Perhaps it seems like a grocery list, but in my view, there is one thing that is clearly missing. Even Dr. Seuss remembered the ham when he prepared his green eggs. This dish lacked any meat. This left out one layer of flavor I believe this dish needed. It had all the workings of a wonderful meal. It just fell a little flat in flavor and texture. I quickly grew tired of egg and potato.

Overall, the menu was appealing and our dishes good. The portions were large and the prices fair. I just don’t predict any stories will be written about this Green Eggs Cafe.

Luke: ★★★ 1/2
Nicole: ★★★1/2

Green Eggs Cafe ★★★1/2

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