Tasting Day by Day the Other Day

Nicole and I decided to change our normal routine by heading downtown mid-Saturday morning for one of the best meals of the day: brunch. We stopped at Day By Day near 10 A.M. It is a small restaurant on the corner of a quiet street. When we walked in, only a few tables were populated. We were immediately seated right in front of the freshly made baked goods near the front counter.

We searched the menu and found a wonderfully balanced selection of the house specialties and the classic simple dishes. We both decided we were in the mood for breakfast and chose to split one sweet and one savory dish. I chose the Tiramisu Stuffed Challah French Toast (mascarpone, almonds, chocolate chips, maple rum sauce), Nicole picked the Chorizo Sweet Potato Hash with eggs sunny side up.

By the time our dishes arrived, we realized we showed up at the perfect time. There was a line of people out the door waiting for a table in this restaurant. I cut into my first piece of French toast. It was served drowning in maple syrup and filled with mascarpone cheese mixed with espresso, cocoa, and chopped nuts. It was a sugar overload. The thick sweet taste of the syrup hits your tongue first before you bite into the rich moist challah bread. As you bite down, the smooth creamy mascarpone spills out from the bread, adding a lighter, more refreshing sweetness after the heavy thick flavors of the bread and syrup. Finally, the nuts add an extra layer to the dish by bringing a little texture. I put my second piece to the side. I figured this dish worked better as a dessert. Nicole, who has quite the sweet tooth, thought the dish was tasty, although not the best french toast she’s had in Philly. She also would have preferred the syrup to be served on the side so it wouldn’t make the pieces of toast soggy.

Nicole divided up our meal, leaving half for me. As I dug in, the dish was already cold. The dish did nothing for me. It was a basic hash in flavor. I did not really notice the mild spicy of the chorizo. The star of the dish was the biscuit baked in-house daily. It was still warm and very moist. I could feel it melt in my mouth. If I wasn’t so stuffed by the end of my second piece of French toast, I would have ordered a basket of biscuits as well as an assortment of other baked goods. I may not have been thrilled with the hash, but based on my other experiences I would go back just to order off the display case that stood next to us. Nicole was also enamored with “the pillowy biscuit that melted in your mouth as soon as you bit into it.”

Nicole and I would both rate Day by Day ★★★1/2 after that experience.

Day by Day ★★★1/2
2101 Sansom Street
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