The adventure begins…

It began with a trip to Franklin Fountain and a walk from Penn’s Landing back to campus.

We had just enjoyed a delicious dinner at Koreana and were craving something sweet to finish the meal off. Luke and Edward had never tried Franklin Fountain before, so it was time to introduce them to a pretty incredible place. We hopped on the SEPTA down to Franklin Fountain, looking forward to the deliciously-creamy ice-cold goodness that awaited us. When we exited the station, we were instantly greeted with a rather long line…

…that took 45 minutes for us to reach the front counter.

But no matter! It gave us plenty of time to peruse the menu. After a long and arduous decision-making process, we settled on the Mt. Vesuvius (“A true display of Pomp-eii circumstance“). When the sundae of massive proportions arrived at our table, we couldn’t wait to dig in. Inside the shiny silver bowl was a mountain of peanut butter and Hydrox cookie ice creams atop a foundation of chocolate brownie pieces. Hot fudge cascaded down the sides, with a blanket of malt powder and dollop of whipped cream finishing off the masterpiece.

Luke also tried a mug of mead, which he wasn’t too fond of. It reminded me of warm lemonade.

To make up for what we had just consumed, we decided to take a leisurely stroll back to campus. As we walked back, we ran into a plethora of restaurants, one after another. “We should do this more often,” someone commented. And there you have it– the spark that ignited the idea for our very own Philly Dine-a-thon.

The rest of the walk was spent scouting out restaurants for the future and creating the creed for our adventures.

Franklin Fountain

116 Market St